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Who am I?


I'm a British/German ICF (International Coaching Federation) qualified "holistic systemic" life and business coach.


What's a holistic systemic coach?


It's a coaching style which combines methods from different areas, including systemic coaching, systemic theory, integral philosophy, positive psychology, the humanistic approach, personality profiling, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Basically, I take lots of methods into account and apply them as appropriate to help my clients in the best way possible for them.

My background

Born and raised in England, I'm a native English speaker, and have worked with a lot of expats living in Berlin. I've lived in Germany since 2008 and am fluent in German, and I'm working on my Spanish.

Over the past decade, I've worked in event management, software sales and customer success. I regularly found myself in situations where I was mediating in work situations, or helping friends in a style I later discovered was close to the principles of coaching.

I'm an avid learner, love discovering new ways of seeing the world, and look for opportunities to apply my knowledge wherever possible. My interest in people and behaviour first led me to study Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Later that led to participation in workshops and conferences in non-violent communication, radical honesty, mindfulness, meditation, and coaching. 

How I came to coaching


In early 2016, I looked into more ways I could learn and be useful to people, which led me to coaching. I began a year-long qualification with the wonderful "passion for coaching" academy in Berlin.  The appeal of coaching to me was and is that it's very proactive. It's about taking matters into your own hands, expanding your perspective for better understanding of yourself, our fellow humans, and developing habits and behaviours that effect change.

What I love about coaching

I began coaching people in a holistic manner in 2016 and have been coaching ever since. I am grateful for the trust people give me in sharing their stories, fears, beliefs, and aspirations. Coaching is at times deeply personal, and I'm honoured that my clients allow me to support them in moving forward, achieving their goals, improving themselves and their lives overall.


It gives me so much joy and pleasure to witness the "ah ha" moments people sometimes experience during a session: sudden clarity after being confused, becoming unstuck, changing a belief that no longer serves, solving a conflict within their own head, or creating empathy to understand loved one's actions and behaviours better.

It's extremely gratifying to me to see personal growth and to contribute a little way towards that. Perhaps I can contribute to your own journey, too.

Who I coach

I want to coach people who are motivated to take control of their lives, work towards something meaningful, and willing to put the work in to change. I fully believe everyone is capable of change, if they truly want it. Making the first step is often the hardest. I'm honoured every time someone allows me to help them get more from their life.

I am LGBTQIA+ friendly. I do not judge or moralise chosen lifestyles, sexual orientation, or alternative relationship models. 

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