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It's about getting more from life. It's an ongoing process between a coach and coachee (or couple/group), where the coach supports and enables the coachee(s) to define and achieve personal or professional goals through active listening and varied techniques. It's a proactive step towards taking control of your life and making changes for the better.

A coach is a vehicle to aid your focus, to observe, to help you see new options and perspectives. Coaching helps you sort your thoughts and feelings in a way that empowers you to deal with your present and future life, to accomplish the things you want.


There is a huge spectrum we can cover together. In my experience, the following topics come up regularly - if not always immediately recognised as a central focus area: 

  • Clarity on what to do in life 

  • Changing career

  • Making a large, life-changing decision

  • Starting on or progressing up the career ladder

  • Motivation, procrastination

  • Finding purpose

  • Work-life balance

  • Starting a family

  • Being a better.... (fill in the gap)

  • Improving confidence or self-esteem

  • Coping with loss, disappointment, shame, or change

  • Improving relationships

  • Improving communication, assertiveness, and boundary-setting

  • Conflict resolution

  • Understanding yourself or others better

  • Getting out of a rut and figuring out "what next?"


Coaching is for anyone who would like to improve, enhance, change, understand, or gain enjoyment of life, success, purpose, satisfaction, calm, or anything else significant in their life.

If you want more clarity, need new perspectives, are stuck in a rut, aren't quite sure what to do but know you don't want to continue as is - coaching is a great way to start taking control of your future.

In coaching, you are responsible for the actions you take and changes you make. I'll help you figure out what works for you and keep you on track toward your goals. You need to bring the openness and willingness to put in the time to work towards those goals.


Sessions can be from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Most people go for 1-hour sessions. Since it's a process, it's generally useful to have a minimum of 3+ sessions, which take place 1-4 times per month depending on the time-frame of the goal, other commitments, and financial circumstances.
Occasionally, I'll do one or two one-off longer sessions if requested and if the topic is appropriate.
Otherwise a coaching process generally lasts between 2-12 months, though it's longer for some people! There is no right time: it's different for everyone and depends on your circumstances.


I'll provide a safe, encouraging, non-judgemental, and inclusive environment.
I'm LGBTQIA+ and alternative-relationship/lifestyle-friendly.

I will hold space for you to think aloud, be honest with yourself, and sort your priorities. I'll ask questions or probe where I hear something that seems important that might be worth further consideration. I'll help you clarify your goals and find methods to achieve them. Where appropriate, I'll help you get a good understanding of your values, abilities, needs, conflicting or limited beliefs, and your options.

Everyone's different, so if you need time to mostly talk and be heard, that's what you'll get. If you need to be challenged, or you respond well to provocative questions, let me know. I'm adaptable as a coach and will adjust to your needs.


Yes! Absolutely. I offer a free 30-minute intro session which you can book via the contact page. The idea is to get to know each other a bit via video-chat or a phone call and see if we're a good fit. You can gladly ask any questions about me, coaching, and how it all works. There are lots of coaches these days and almost as many coaching styles: you should find a coach and a coaching style that feels right for you. It's worth talking to a couple of different people to get a feel for them, and reading the testimonials and website to find a good fit.


I offer a sliding scale to try to make coaching something that anyone can afford, regardless of their situation or pay-scale. I firmly believe coaching can help anyone who is truly open to working on themselves, and I would like to make it accessible to as everyone who takes the decision to get coaching. I reserve a couple of spots for students, low income, and unemployed - please reach out to me if you are unsure. 


Online or in-person: That's up to you!

An introduction session will be via video chat online or via phone call, and if we decide we'd like to work together, I offer coaching online or in person at my home office in Friedrichshain.

The important thing is that you have a quiet and safe space where you won't be disturbed and can fully focus.


Coaching is foremost a personal and proactive choice, something that you are motivated to do, whilst you have the resources to do tak. Therapy can also be, but is not always. Both coaching and therapy come in many forms.

Coaching is very forward-looking and doesn't focus on analysing the past. That's not to say the past doesn't come up, or isn't relevant.

Coaching is not healing of any kind, nor is it a treatment of disorders.


Coaching is focused on goals and actions, and measuring your progress towards something you define as important to you.

Perhaps most importantly, YOU are the expert on you; and let's be honest: how often do people really take advice from others, however well-meaning or appealing? 

Experience - mine and thousands of other coaches - has shown that with a little prompting, people come up with the best answers from within, which are far more likely to be used and effective than using strategies that work for other people and personalities.

(NB there are of course effective therapeutic strategies for diagnosed disorders that go beyond the scope of coaching).

Through coaching, you'll get better insight to yourself, your preferences, values, needs, and strengths. It will enable you to find options and choices that work for you - not for your friend, your mum, your colleague, your kids, but what's right for YOU.

And, of course, those choices lead to a more fulfilled you, which your loved ones will benefit from, too.

Still have more questions? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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